What a difference

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What a difference 8 years can make.

This photo was taken at Chili’s 8 years ago yesterday. It was the end of day 1 of our first date and the first day we’d seen each other face-to-face.

The end of day one

These photos were taken at Chili’s last night. This time Brett had two lovely dates.

Looking over the menu 8 years on

I’m excited to see what the photo looks like in another 8 years.

Iddo and the Boneyard

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Two weeks ago Brett ran his second 5K. I convinced him he needed to do it even though he said he shouldn’t since he hadn’t been training for it and wouldn’t be able to race it like he had his first one in 2010. But if he didn’t run this one he wouldn’t have been able to watch Iddo participate in her first 5K. The race in question was closed to spectators because it took place on the Air Force base, in particular the Boneyard. Which meant a lot of the participants weren’t there to race but were there to check out all the old airplanes.

The morning of the race was chilly and overcast (chilly for Tucson). There was a light drizzle at the start but it let up shortly after we started running. Brett ran on ahead and Iddo and I hung back to make sure we didn’t run into anyone with the stroller. As the crowd spread out and we started passing people we heard someone tell her friend “That woman’s from Texas” in reference to me (I was wearing my Texas running shirt). And a little while later we heard “I just got passed by a baby!” I told that person that it was okay because she was on wheels.

Brett finished in 29:04. Iddo and I finished in 32:49. Since I have pretty much one speed when I’m running, that finish time made me question the actual length of the course. We checked it out on the map when we got home and it was closer to a 5.47K rather than a 5K. Regardless of the length, we had a good time. Next year Brett’s going to remember to look at all the airplanes as he runs past. In particular, he’ll need to keep his eyes out for the stealth plane.

A family of runners.

I started “running” with my dad when I was around Iddo’s age. He pushed me through several races in an umbrella stroller before he held my hand when I ran my first race (a 1 mile race) at the age of 3. I’m real glad I can pass running on to her. We really love our morning runs together.

Iddo’s story

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This morning Iddo woke up and decided to continue telling the story she started at dinner last night. It’s a very exciting story. We were able to record part of it.

Iddo’s Story

We can’t wait for the exciting conclusion.

And thus it begins

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I was called to be the Relief Society president in my ward in the summer of 2004. The next summer both of my counselors and secretary moved out of the ward and I met Melissa, Sally, and Tanya. That fall I convinced them to all take a belly dance class with me.

Sometime in the fall of 2005 I also joined an online dating site. Several of my friends were on it and they kept talking about the profiles of these weird guys they were finding and I wanted to see what they were talking about.

At the end of 2005 Melissa convinced me to let her and her husband go through profiles on the site and find guys they thought were my type and send them messages telling them to look me up. They went through several hundred profiles and sent out I don’t know how many messages.

Only one of those guys ever sent me a message. Eight years ago today. This morning his daughter and I waved good-bye to him when he went to work and we’re anxiously awaiting his return home this evening. Of course, her version of anxiously waiting involves using her activity gym as a teething toy. But she’ll be excited when Dad gets home. So will I.

Mute Button

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Six months ago, when Iddo was one month and one day old, we discovered she had a mute button, similar to the little girl in this video:

We were at the emergency room with her and she was getting fussy. I told Brett to sing to her.

Before she was born Brett picked this song as his song to sing to her:

Iddo had a different idea though. She picked a different song for him to sing. He still sings “Lullabye” to her at night, but this is the song that silences her every time:

She can be screaming like the world is going to end, Brett starts singing this song and she goes absolutely silent. It’s a little spooky how well it works.