Brett’s Close-Up

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In elementary school Lisa developed a fascination with genetics. She still remembers when her mom brought home a picture of a set of chromosomes she’d got somewhere and being amazed that we could see something so small, that those tiny strands were responsible for what we look like.

We recently had a need to check out Brett’s chromosomes. He got a referral from Lisa’s OB (the only time in his life he’ll ever get a referral from an OB) because our primary care doctor never got around to getting him the referral when he asked for it months ago. We met with a genetic counselor and they drew some blood. A week and a half later, just before the new year, we got a message back that Brett is “normal.” The genetic counselor sounded so bored by that word, like she’d wanted something more exciting. Lisa hoped somewhere there was a picture of Brett’s chromosomes and maybe she could ask for a copy of it.

And then last week a copy arrived in the mail! Yea! This is an extreme close-up of Brett. Isn’t he handsome!

Brett's close-up

We know for sure that Iddo got his X-chromosome there and somewhere in there are the ones responsible for her little curls, her nose, and the tiny ridge on her left ear.

Now Lisa’s wondering if she can’t convince our insurance that we need to check out her chromosomes too, just for the picture.

The 2014 Christmas Letter

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Dear Family & Friends,

As we prepared to celebrate Brett’s 39th, Lisa’s 37th, and Iddo’s 2nd Christmas this year we paused to reflect on the year that has passed. We’ve all grown and changed. Obviously Iddo did the bulk of the growing and changing this year in our family.

Brett grew into new and expanding responsibilities at his job. It’s challenging but he enjoys it. He’s also really grown into his role as daddy, as evident by how much Lauren imitates him and how excited she gets to see him. He’s a natural at it. He’s taught her the importance of flossing, how to appreciate music, and what happens when hippos go berserk.

Lisa grew into her new role as mother. She has put her recently acquired PhD to good use, as Lauren has provided her with a lot of material for continuing research. Being a scholarly wife and mother is not a specialized field, however, and has showcased her expertise in disciplines as diverse as nutrition, repairs, photography, medicine, fashion, computers, library science, art, music, acrobatics, and putting the oval and hexagon in the right holes.

Iddo outgrew her reflux, became mobile, and developed an incredible and often funny vocabulary. She loves her grandmas, doggies, and cheese. She loves to bring us books and say “again” for us to read them to her but she’s also perfectly content to sit in her reading corner and flip through them on her own, upside down and backwards is just fine.

We are grateful for all we have been blessed with in our home and are anticipating even more growth and excitement in our home in the coming year.

We wish you a blessed Christmas and an exciting New Year of your own.

Happy New Year!

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Trust us, she’s excited for the new year too, just a little confused by her parents (which isn’t new).

Happy New Year Iddo!

End of year catch-up

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We’ve done a few things (like the last two football games) that haven’t made it on the blog yet. So before we get lost in the fun things we’re doing in 2015, we need to catch-up on what we did in 2014.

Five Years! – 25 August
Clear back in August we celebrated 5 years of Ooh-Shemo-ing on the internet.

Football game #5 – 10 October
Another loss. But Iddo really likes dancing to the marching band. So there’s that.

IMG_0077 IMG_0079
IMG_0083 IMG_0080

Football game #6 – 24 October
So, the home team didn’t actually win any home games this year. Which was sad. The notable thing about the last game was how nice the away team was and how very little swearing there was on the side lines. I noticed there’s a difference between the teams where all the players on the sidelines are watching the game, invested in the game, and cheering for their teammates, and the teams that don’t do that. The former teams tend to be much calmer and much more supportive of each other while the latter have a lot more grumbling between the players and between the players and coaches.

Nearing the end.
Marking the down. Another injury free season on the chains

Halloween night
Enjoy some cute photos of us taking Iddo for a walk down to the mail box and back on Halloween evening. It was as close to trick-or-treating as we got and everyone seemed happy with it.

Some photos from our Thanksgiving weekend. We updated our Thanksgiving table runner and Iddo loved getting the paint on her hand. We had our traditional Thanksgiving eve BBQ.

Iddo colored us a lovely fall picture and enjoyed watching the Macy’s parade. Brett cooked and carved up a delicious turkey breast.

Two days after Thanksgiving we had our first fire in our fire bowl (we’ve been using it exclusively for BBQ the last three years) and roasted marshmallows. Iddo wasn’t interested in the fire and really didn’t like the marshmallows.

Going to the Zoo – December 19
We took a morning and went to the zoo in town so we could see the new baby elephant that was born in August. Iddo said hi to all of the animals and then decided we’d pushed her nap back far enough and it was time to go home.

Christmas Season
We went to a local neighborhood to see their holiday lights. Iddo helped open our Christmas music box on Christmas Eve and after she went to bed we had our first Christmas Eve construction project to do – a table and chairs set just her size. Christmas day was so much fun with her this year. She really got into it.

Brett’s Birthday
And we celebrated Brett’s birthday. Hope it was a good one!

IMG_0253 IMG_0251

Happy Brithday Brett!

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Happy Birthday from L&L!
:lisa: :turtle: :turtle: :turtle:

We love you and don’t know what we’d do without you.
We are both extremely lucky (although we have different reasons).
I love you Daddy. You make me so happy.