Going to Utah – 2014

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Last month we hit the road again and went to Utah, exactly 1 year from our first road trip with Iddo. She handled it great.

She played peek-a-boo in her car seat and helped with the luggage.

She spent a lot of time being cute.

We played at a lake with family.

Driving the boat.

We ran a race and were in the newspaper.

We went to Tucanos to celebrate Lisa’s birthday and saw the sites downtown.

Checking out the sites.

We had a wonderful time with family, Iddo especially enjoyed meeting dogdogdogdogdog, but it’s been good to be home for a month now as well. Wonder where our next adventure will be?

Happy Birthday Lisa — 2014

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You’re still the best thing that ever happened to me!  Happy birthday, Gorgeous.

Happy Independence Day!

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Happy Independence Day from our little firecracker.

Happy Independence Day!

On the road again!

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Last week we were in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a reunion with Lisa’s family. It was the second big road trip for Iddo, her first one being a year ago when she was 5 weeks old. We’ve done monthly trips to Mesa, two hours in the car each way, so we knew she was used to the car. But this was going to be a 7.5 hour drive each way, a bit different. We stopped 2-3 times on the way to change her diaper, feed her, and let her walk around for 10-15 minutes. But there’s no way to explain to a baby that you’re almost there.

On the way there we had to sing for the last hour to keep her happy. On the way back we had to sing for the last two. Brett had a hard time coming up with songs to sing at one point. Thankfully the GPS provided some inspiration.

It was a great trip though. We celebrated Iddo’s birthday.

We explored ancient Indian cave dwellings at Bandelier National Monument.

We chased pigeons on the plaza.

We played at the Children’s Museum.

We went to the favorite Giles picnic spot up the mountain.

We checked out the statues on Canyon Road.

And Iddo walked everywhere. She walked at Bandelier. She walked .15 miles up Paseo de Peralta. She walked around the mountains. She walked everywhere. It was great practice for her. On Saturday she took a single shuffle step forward on her own and yesterday got up to 5 steps before falling down into Lisa’s lap laughing. We left on our trip with a baby and came back with a toddler. We’re not sure we’re ready for that.

Five orbits on

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It was at this spot in the earth’s orbit five times around ago that Brett said he wanted to ask Lisa to be his wife. Lisa assumed that meant he was actually going to ask and said “Yes.” Apparently she was supposed to wait for him to officially ask the question instead of just state his intention to do so.

Five times around the sun and we’re sharing our traditional solstice roast beef dinner with our lovely little Iddo for the second time. This time she snarfed apple pieces through it instead of screamed.

It’s been a great trip around the sun.