Across Seven Aprils

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April General Conference marks the passage of time for us.

  1. 2006 – Our very first date and first time meeting face to face.
  2. 2007 – Lisa decides to move to Arizona against Brett’s wishes.
  3. 2008 – Lisa is living in Tucson. Brett is coming around to the idea. We’re reading the New Testament together every Sunday night.
  4. 2009 – We are officially dating for two months. This was the first time I went with Brett to Mesa for one day of Conference.
  5. 2010 – Our first General Conference and Easter as married people. Brett started “tweeting” the priesthood sessions for me.
  6. 2011 – We colored their ties (they’re still on our fridge too).
  7. 2012 -

It’s conference time again. It’s been good to reflect on where each April General Conference has found us in the past. I wonder what we’ll say about conference this year when we look back on it.

5 shared thoughts about Across Seven Aprils

  1. avatar Brett says:
    Ooh Shemo

    I know what I’ll say: I know how to draw pretty cool cows. :woot: :moo: :brett:

  2. avatar mama G says:
    Ooh Shemo

    There were a lot of red ties yesterday. :D
    We’ll see what color rules today. :tractor:

  3. avatar Denice Dennis says:
    Ooh Shemo

    You two have a wonderful history.

  4. Ooh Shemo



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